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The School:
Scoil Naomh Eoin is a Catholic Primary school provided for the education of children from the Navan area. “To Be the Best that you can be” has been the guiding principle of Scoil Naomh Eoin since it opened in 2003. This project was conducted with Michael Fortune with the support of the class teachers Ms. McGovern and Mr. Beirne in October and November 2014. 

What We Did:
During our time with Michael we invented stories and superstitions which we filmed. We then did brainstorming sessions about places of importance around Navan. When we were looking at www.osi.ie, we discovered that there was a fort near our school that we didn’t know about. There were some large stones there also and these were probable a ruined burial cairn. We also saw a frog at the fort and Michael said that it could be a person’s ghost. We never knew they were there, and that they were so close to their school. We went around the fort to find the entrance. We also collected photos of our are Nanny’s dressers and stuff that they collect and added them to the website, you can see them in stuff in our home which is at the bottom of our website. We also wrote about St. Johns day and Halloween traditions, good luck and bad luck and much more.   We wrote made up stories and lots more. We also discovered sites in Navan
that we did not know about. http://www.osi.ieshapeimage_7_link_0