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The School:
St Ibars National School is a Mixed Primary School, catering for pupils from Infants to Sixth Class. It is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Ferns. The school was built in 1984.  This May Bush project was conducted with Michael Fortune with the support of the class teacher Ms. Sheehan and Principle Edward Lyons, May 2014. 

What We Did:
During this two days visit the young people were introduced to a local project Michael worked on with older people entitled: About This Place which he conducted in the village in 2006 and 2013. This project ( allowed Michael to show the young people various sites and tell them various stories from the village and surrounding area. Following this, it was decided that the young people would make, decorate and erect a May Bush, a tradition which was popular in the village for centuries but had ceased in the 1960’s. Here the pupils collected and made ribbons, bunches of flowers, the traditional decoration of the bush, and erected it on the 1st of May for the month. This was an exciting event in the school calendar and drew the attention of many parents who had heard or about the tradition that had once existed in their village. The process was documented and below are photos and video footage of the event, which the class edited.http://www.aboutthispalce.ieshapeimage_1_link_0